Welcome to The Existential Files website.

"Follow the Rick-and-Morty-esque adventures of Dr Matthew Smith and Dr Louie Savva as they explore the universe. Louie is the Rick-like misanthropic atheist and existential nihilist. Matthew, Morty-esque with his ever so slightly naive take on existence. Together, the two of them delve into parallel dimensions, ask why the universe exists, what the meaning of life is, and generally ask every question under the sun! They are frequently joined on their travels by a host of motley guests, including physicist Taner Edis (answering our questions as to why the universe exists), psychologist Susan Blackmore (talking about memes, tremes and consciousness), psychologist Christopher French (chatting to us about scepticism and the paranormal), philosopher John Marmysz (chatting to us about nihilism and his books on the subject), fantasy author R. Scott Bakker (talking to us about consciousness) and there are many more. Prepare to laugh. Prepare to cry. Prepare to learn something new about your existence! Don’t say you weren’t warned!"

Louie blogs at everythingispointless.com and Matthew at drmatthewsmith.com

You can find us on iTunes, StitcherYoutube, TuneIn or visit the mp3 archive at archive.org.

(*Thanks to Yannick Jacob for making us aware of this graphic!)
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